Dec 31

Dec 31, originally uploaded by rmom352.

This little snow scene was part of a centerpiece at our New Year's Eve party for the Single Adult Ministry at our church. It was a fun relaxed evening.

Dec 30

Dec 30, originally uploaded by rmom352.

The Buck is a local restaurant that serves the BEST crab bisque with lumps of crab in a fantastic bisque with some Old Bay seasoning to flavor. It has become my daughter's favorite place to eat! She wanted to make sure her big brother got to taste it while he was home, but is taste buds are dead - he didn't like it.

Dec 29

Dec 29, originally uploaded by rmom352.

It is so hard to get two teens to take a serious Christmas photo. But I get teary when I realize that they are best friends and really enjoy each other. It was nice to have my son home for 2 week from Full Sail.

Dec 28

Dec 28, originally uploaded by rmom352.

I started this collection of Santas over 20 years ago. Some are from different craft shows and some are painted by friends who have a LOT of talent. Others were gifts over the years. My kids really like when this collection is displayed at Christmas time.

Dec 27

Dec 27, originally uploaded by rmom352.

Two of my favorite decorations. The one on the left is a Scottish Santa and the right is Kris Kringle.

Dec 26

Dec 26, originally uploaded by rmom352.

Only a few more days for these characters to play before their hibernation.

Dec 25

Dec 25, originally uploaded by rmom352.

The table is set, everyone is here, let the feast begin! Cousin's husband is cooking, kids playing Xbox and the women are catching up on family news!