April 26

April 26, originally uploaded by rmom352.

Here we are at volleyball Tournament with the 16U Blast at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey. It was a long day beginning at 7:00 am leaving home to returning at 10:30PM. This was one of the most bizarre schedules I have seen in a tournament. We arrived at 9:30 because we were told we were playing at 10:45 and ended up not playing until noon! Then off 4 matches, on two, work, on. I felt so badly for the girls as there were only 6 of them so they not only had to play every rotation, but careful not to get hurt. They played really well and finished in third place. It was 93˚ and a nice cool breeze blowing outside helped to keep up the spirits of the parents! This building is called "Casino" and is an old indoor polo facility. They used to have a dirt floor so the kids could play polo indoors.

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